The added value of playing a part in the entire chain of production and processing of our raw materials is what we would like to pass on when we create all of our products.

We seek products with great character that sets them apart, and to do so we combine tradition, artisan care and the most cutting-edge technology.

Our products are made artisanally, working through a series of stages that are essential for the final result to be a natural, healthy product with a unique, special flavour, too.

As for our cheeses, the coagulation, cutting and removal of whey, pressing, salting and maturing are all different stages that a cheese must undergo to be produced completely artisanally.

Throughout this entire process, the care, pampering and respect for the natural waiting times are essential to achieve a perfect end product.


These are made with raw sheep’s milk, fundamentally via enzymatic coagulation for a soft or hard body.

They are mostly cheeses of sizes ranging from 300 g to 2 kg wrapped in film or paper with a clean label (precise and easy to recognise).

Their presentation is faithful to artisan methods with little packaging, giving them the image of a “transparent”, quality product.

The packaging visibly shows the phrase “product made on the Las Cortas de Blas farm”, given the farm’s good name on the Valladolid market.


our dairy


Our yogurts and kefir are made with pasteurized sheep’s milk.

Due to its special characteristics, the result is a creamy, smooth product with very contained acidity.

Yogurt with more body and kefir with more character.

You choose.