Quesería Las Cortas is made up of a team with a wide-ranging academic background and an entrepreneurial, innovative spirit who love our land and all things artisanal.

We are qualified technicians with degrees who carry out our professional work directly with our produce.

We are agricultural and dairy farmers, educators, and cheese maestros…but above all we are people who believe in what we are doing and we do it because we like it.

We believe in our philosophy of life…

Livestock and agricultural farmers since…


Back in our grandparents’ time, sheep became an essential part of the farm. Our father followed that tradition and we have continued to innovate in order to reach this commitment to our land and to you.

It all began in March 1936 when Don Fernando Miranda bought the area of countryside known as “Las Cortas de Blas” and inhabited it with the first herd of 250 Castellana sheep, registering the dairy farm’s branding iron logo.


Our commitment to you

We are committed to bringing you the best artisan products, with the best quality and with the confidence of what is well done.

Only with the best quality of the milk of our sheep …

… controlling the raw material and with our best work, we can offer you these healthy products, of the highest quality and respectful with the Environment.


100% artisan

Crafted artisanally one-by-one through the direct work of a maestro cheesemaker who takes care of the entire process to create this product and make it so delicious and healthy.


Our own livestock

Our most significant defining characteristic is that we have our own livestock. Indeed, we have been livestock farmers since 1950.


Top quality

The secret to this utmost quality can be found in the quality of the milk used, which is why it is very important for a cheese dairy to have its own livestock to keep control over the raw material.



We have accumulated all of our experience based on the knowledge provided by the surrounding environment, the farm school and the people who take part in it, in order to apply it all to transform the milk in our cheese dairy.

Only the best quality milk is used

In order to be able to produce quality artisan dairy products, the first step is to create them with top quality milk.

As we have pointed out, having our own herd gives us the advantage of being able to directly control the quality of the raw material.

We can thus take part in the entire process, from obtaining the milk to turning it into another product.

Our team


Quesería Las Cortas is a small company that is clearly a family affair.

It is enthused with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for our land and its products.

Passionate about our way of life

Pablo Goicoechea

Master Cheesemaker

I happened to be in Las Cortas de Blas in 2000 and I was captivated by the place. I collaborated on different projects and finally I embarked upon the project of the Quesería Las Cortas’ cheese dairy. To do so, I studied and continue to do so in different specialisations of cheesemaking and fermented milks. I’m naturally restless, so I keep on seeking out new recipes for new products.

Ricardo Miranda

Livestock farmer

I have clearly inherited the entrepreneurial DNA and my passion for the land, making the management of the Las Cortas agricultural and livestock farm my way of life. I am responsible for the cheese dairy having the best raw material, which requires the utmost dedication to our stars: our herd of sheep. And with that inherent restlessness to show children and the elderly this way of life and familiarise them with it, I’m clearly an example of the idea and project behind Las Cortas de Blas Farm School.

Fernando Miranda


With the Quesería Las Cortas cheese dairy being set up, I’ve seen my dream come true. Many years went by with the idea and project for a cheese dairy in my head until I finally saw it materialise. I’m passionate about the project, I’m passionate about the product and I’m passionate about the land. Tenacious and persistent, I never give up…

Ricardo Miranda Larrucea


We received his greatest legacy from the very first minute. He has instilled his values and principles in us, feeding us his knowledge in order to work professionally, sowing his philosophical seed and infusing us with his entrepreneurial spirit. He is the founder of the initial Las Cortas de Blas farm project, a partner and board member of the Quesería Las Cortas cheese dairy. We are continuing on the path he began…


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